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"...Our Business is Improving Yours"
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Depending on client objectives, project scope may include performance assessment, business planning, continuous improvement program facilitation, and information system definition and implementation. Consulting services range from short advisory assignments to long-term engagements where we work in close collaboration with clients.


We use a widely accepted framework for assessing organizational performance and identifying improvement opportunities. Our expertise and experience help us to develop and facilitate action plans to dramatically improve a company’s business operations.

If you are striving to transition from a growing entrepreneurship to a professionally managed company, the following services will help to ensure your progress:


 _Clarifies business direction & goals

_Identifies strengths & improvement opportunities

 _Starting point for strategic & action planning

_Provides a roadmap for improvement projects

_Unites Management Team in a common vision & mission

 _Defines, simplifies, & improves business processes

_Provides for "factual" decision making 

 _Manages initiatives to successful completion

_Develops milestones to track progress

 _Defines information needs, sources & software tools

 _Teams & Individuals set and achieve their top goals in line with

    values, strengths, and lessons learned


Benefits include:
  Clarifying business direction and goals

     ...Enables all stakeholders to focus on common goals

  Identifying strengths & improvement opportunities

     ...Starting point for strategic & action planning 

  Developing improvement projects and facilitating their successful completion
     ...provides a roadmap for better performance

  Defining, simplifying, and improving business processes 
     ...More efficient, effective & profitable operations

  Developing measures and milestones to track
     …ensure that projects get done on schedule

  Facilitating Management team to ensure commitment,
    accountability, and follow-through
     ...eliminate "finger pointing" & improve communication
  Defining Information needs, sources & tools

     ...enable fact-based decision making