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The Best Year Yet® System for Teams and Organizations  

The Team Best Year Yet® is for senior management groups and teams concentrated on the three key ingredients for successful business: focus, alignment and accountability. Some of its many applications include:

• Producing results in sales and revenue.
• Creating or aligning a team in execution of a strategic plan.

• Planning and executing strategy for transition management. 

• Taking on and successfully implementing a breakthrough project.
• Measuring success for compensation plans. 
• Generating effective teamwork in a virtual team.

There are three parts to the BYY for Team system, beginning with a  management team program that produces a strategic, workable plan. The program can be done on its own or as an enhancement to a traditional strategic planning process.

The team develops a one-page plan through:

• Review of accomplishments and disappointments of the past 12 months.
• Distinguishing valuable lessons learned.
• Recognizing limiting behaviors and the underlying beliefs that hinder success.
• Establishing a new empowering paradigm for moving forward.
• Creating new guidelines and attitudes for major success, a primary focus, and distinguishing the top priorities for the next 12 months.
• Setting ten results-driven priorities for the year that the team will implement with clearly defined accountabilities and goals.
• Developing an action plan that assures goal completion.

Team Best Year Yet® is a valuable tool for leadership, management, departments, strategic planning and marketing teams, sales, or project teams at any stage of their development.

Access to the internet-based system, PRO, "Producing Results Online," enables leaders to view their teams' progress and team members to motivate each other in "real time."

Best Year Yet® has worked with hundreds of teams around the world to produce measurable results, improve performance, and enhance the way people work together.

Leading BYY Corporate Clients include: 

• Allstate Insurance   • Clear Channel Communications   • Heineken    • Standard Packing, Inc.
• Unilever    • Unum Provident    • US Air Force    • Zurich Financial Services

For a complete client list, email us at and mention "BYY Client List." Tell us a little about your organization's needs or call us at 781-721-2123 for more information about our team programs..